General Information

Τhe company’s factory is located in Mandra of Attica, in a distance of roughly 35 km from Athens, in a private land of 22,000 sq.m. The modern installations and the complete equipment, guarantee the even production of more than 10.000 tons annually and the excellent quality control of our products. 

Following the provisions set by the National and European Legislation as well as the International Quality Standards, our installations contain separate areas per product category (e.g. herbicides), which comply with all the safety rules, in both storage of raw materials and packaging materials as well as the formulation and packaging of the final products, ensuring at the same time the avoidance of any possible cross contamination. The mechanical equipment used for the formulation and packaging of the products, consists of automatic and only a few semi-automatic machines.

Having completely conformed to the SEVEZO II directive (regarding the prevention of large extent accidents), our company owns a new, specially designed warehouse, according to the FAO specifications, for the storage of products of this category. A proof of the standardized design of the storage area, is the subsidy of its construction by the national program PIALE (Prevention of Industrial Accidents of Large Extent).

Our sensitization for many years now in the matters of environmental protection - in a quite congested area like Thriasio - has led us to the installation of a special unit of liquid waste processing SENTINEL as well as the acquisition of the necessary licenses for the management of liquid and solid wastes. In addition, the company has installed and applies a certified Environmental Management System, based on the International Standard ISO 14001:2004.

Finally, the company’s modern laboratory, fully equipped with instruments of the latest technology and highest accuracy and staffed by perfectly qualified scientific personnel, guarantees the highest quality of our products. The methods used for the quantitative and qualitative analysis, of both the proprietary products and the products produced and/or packed for third parties, are the most modern and in accordance with the international quality standards (CIPAC Methods).


Geographical Position

The factory and the company’s offices are located in a region outside of the urban plan area at the south of Mandra, Attica, which has been characterized by the P.D. 84/84 as region of Business Installations which operates as an informal industrial area and a plan of immediate urbanization is about to appear by the competent authorities. The land of the factory has a total extent of 21.912 sq.m., while, the covered area is roughly 6.000 sq.m.

The company’s installations are located in a nodal point close of which cross train rails, highways and avenues through which the connection with the biggest ports and urban centers of the country as well as with the International Airport of Athens is possible.

In particular, the factory is connected by an asphalted road with the old national highway of Athens-Thiva (0.5 km distance) and through that with the old and new national highway of Athens-Korinthos (which are in a distance of about 1.5 km). In close proximity to the factory crosses a part of the Attica Road which connects the installation with the National High Way of Athens-Lamia (Thessaloniki) and the international airport of Spata. The installation is also very close to the port of Piraeus (in a distance of 20 km) and neighboring to the New Port of Elefsina (in a distance of 3 km), while in a distance of 1 km crosses the train rail of Athens-Korinthos-Patras where there is also a local train station. The transport to the Port of Piraeus is done through the National Road of Athens-Korinthos and Schistos Avenue, while the access to the Port of Elefsina is possible through the old National Road of Athens-Korinthos.  Finally, the connection is also easy with the Port of Patras, which is located in a distance of about 180 km, via the National Road of Athens – Korinthos.